Best Cheap Eats in Hong Kong

Dinner friends at the Australia Dairy Company

Chinese cuisine from your local takeaway bares little resemblance to the actual food you might find in China. Pity the fool that asks for sweet and sour. What you will find, in Hong Kong at least, is an influence of both east and west, with classic dim sum sitting alongside an extortionate Pizza Hut, or more confusingly spaghetti alongside noodles. Whilst it’s hard to escape the oppressive M of Maccy Ds in the city, it does have its own signature dishes not to miss.

The Australia Dairy Company & Kowloon Dairy

In Hong Kong (HK) a queue usually means a good thing so be prepared to wait outside this famous breakfast club in the Jordan area of the Yau Tsim Mong District. The menu is kept simple with mainly your choice of eggs on toast with macaroni soup noodles with hot or cold milk or coffee being key ingredients. The scrambled eggs are a top choice and perfect creamy combination to a pleasingly chilled Kowloon Dairy milk bottle. Not purely reserved for breakfast, pick up the all day eggs, toast and drink deal for a bargain 32HKD (approximately £2.59).

Tsui Wah

Pick up something quick and filling from Chinese chain Tsui Wah found open 24 hours a day in multiple locations around HK. With everything from Hong Kong style dishes to Malaysian curries you’ve got a lot of options to choose from at prices for a main meal often coming in under 70HKD (approx. £5.44). It is as authentically Chinese and McDonalds is American though so don’t expect an intimate or at all luxury experience.

One Dim Sum

A little further north out of the hubbub of the harbour is one of HK’s best dim sum restaurants, One Dim Sum. Rumoured online to have been awarded a Michelin Star, this place has a great atmosphere and dishes are fantastically cheap. My favourite was the Sesame Seed Balls that came made to order and were like nothing else I’ve tried before and, delightfully, your meal also comes with unlimited refills of delicious Jasmine tea. Get filled up for about 60 – 120HKD per person (about £5-10).

Say whaatttt?
The Delhi Club

Throwing a curve ball out here but you’ll be surprised at the number of Indian restaurants you see around Tsim Sha Tsui. Listen to the good reviews online and check out The Delhi Club in ChungKing Mansions. Even a windowless, third floor location can’t detract from the great real Indian curries inside. Expect to pay about 150 HKD for a main meal with a starter and a beer.

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